In the Middle of Hungarian Radiology

Hírek - Radiológia Világa | 2024. február 05. 13:40 | Utolsó módosítás dátuma - 2024. június 25. 16:21 | Forrás: reporting from the eRAD partner meeting

In the Middle of Hungarian Radiology

The eRAD Partner Meeting, one of the most important events in the radiology profession for many years, was held again this year in the heart of Budapest, where participants were able to enjoy not only the stunning panoramic view of the city, but also the latest trends and technological developments in radiology. Always held at the end of January, this annual event, made special by the presence of various international speakers and experts, is held in a new location each time, providing fresh perspectives and an inspiring environment.

The meeting brought together more than 80 radiologists, radiographers and specialists, including many department heads, university professors, clinic directors and company directors. The focus of the conference was on expanding market reach in Hungary, accelerating systems development, bringing the use of artificial intelligence to the forefront, and the integration of the eRAD brand into the Deephealth brand.

At the meeting, Edvárd Benes, CEO of eRAD-BB, put special emphasis on the availability of EU RRF funds for county hospitals nationwide, which will enable the acquisition of the latest PACS systems, if all county hospitals had eRAD systems, the shortcoming of EESZT, the availability of radiological images from anywhere, at any time, would be solved. Jim Connors, Deephealth's Vice President of Development, pointed out that RadNet, Deephealth's parent company, already has four Hungarian radiology capacities in the United States per year, and is managing these capacities without fail. Jim Connors was interviewed exclusively by our portal and will be published on our portal next week.


Deephealth is the new brand

József Koloszár PhD, aka Jocó, one of Deephealth's lead developers, highlighted the hyperstreaming technology that allows the largest image sizes of mammograms to be loaded into eRAD PACS systems in as little as 3 seconds, even at low bandwidths, making radiologists' work even faster. Darren Stephens, European Director of, reports that his company's AI software analyses 2.3 million chest X-rays a year in the UAE, using just 2 two radiologists. They have thus managed to strike an excellent balance between AI and the work of radiologists.

During the event, a number of presentations were given, with a highlight being the presentation by Piotr Florczyk, Director of BARCO in Central Europe, which focused on the importance of diagnostic screens and the tools needed to obtain a quality diagnosis. In addition, János Vincze, Lead Developer of GE Healthcare AW Server, presented the benefits of integrating eRAD PACS with GE AW Server.

However, the partner meeting was not only about presentations and demonstrations. Following the formal programme, lively discussions took place among the participants, where public and private healthcare aspects of the Hungarian radiology profession, as well as current challenges and possible solutions were discussed. These dialogues were extremely important and useful in determining the future direction of the profession.

This year's eRAD partner meeting reaffirmed the feeling that the Hungarian radiology community is not only at the forefront of international innovation and technological development, but also plays a prominent role in bringing the professional community together and sharing experiences. The event provided an opportunity for colleagues to share their knowledge, experiences and visions for the future of radiology, thus contributing to the continuous development and innovation of the profession.